2020 Morris & Essex Kennel Club Dog Show

Join us October 1, 2020!



The 2015 Morris & Essex Kennel Club Dog Show was the largest outdoor show held in the United States in the past 20 years — and possibly much longer.


The 2020 show's entry will be capped at 4,455 dogs — exactly one dog less than the record set by Mrs. Dodge at her biggest show, in 1939.





Specialties and

Supported Entries

Click here for the list of Specialties and Supported entries for 2020.


To add your club to the list, contact Lorraine Bisso at regel@bellsouth.net or (504) 833-1780.




Trophy Pledges

Trophy pledges are also being accepted. Click here for a list of available breed and group-placement trophies.



Judging Panel

Please click here for our complete list of judges for the 2020 show.