Morris & Essex 2025 Trophy Sponsors


GROUPS (* denotes lifetime sponsorship) Sporting Group Group 1 - Michael H. Faulkner Group 2 -Bil Gorodner Group 3 - Lorraine Wegmann Bisso Group 4 - Available Hound Group *Group 1* - Gayle Bontecou *Group 2* - Walker Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Sally Fineburg, Stacey Fineburg & Shana Owen DVM Group 3 - Kimberly A. Brown, Dagoba Basenjis Group 4 - Pramada Koradox, Maggie Peat and Tom Sikora Working Group *Group 1* - Pouch Cove Newfoundlands and Portuguese Water Dogs Group 2 - Available Group 3 - Available Group 4 - Available Terrier Group *Group 1* - Lindy Barrow Group 2 - Connie Clark Group 3 - Available Group 4 - Available Toy Group *Group 1* - Ron L. and Debbie Scott *Group 2* - Michelle Molnar and Jamie Danburg Group 3 - Scott C. Tomassi in memory of Ron Scott Group 4 - Scott C. Tomassi Non-Sporting Group Group 1 - Available Group 2 - Available Group 3 - Available Group 4 - Available Herding Group *Group 1* - Gail Miller Bisher Group 2 - Dedicated to BISS GCHS Goliath Du Domaine De Vauroux BCAT CGC ACGC Group 3 - Available Group 4 - Available BREEDS AND VARIETIES (* denotes lifetime sponsorship) Sporting Group American Water Spaniel - Available Barbet – Judy Descutner, Hickory Tavern Farm Boykin Spaniel - Available Bracco Italiano (eligible to compete on 6/29/22) - Available Brittany - Available Chesapeake Bay Retriever - John and Patricia Martin Clumber Spaniel - Doug Johnson and Jamie Hubbard, Clussexx Kennel Cocker Spaniel, ASCOB - Available Cocker Spaniel, Parti-Color - In memory of Lloyd Alton by Bill Gorodner Cocker Spaniel, Black - Available Curly-Coated Retriever - Available English Cocker Spaniel - Available English Setter - Ann Yuhasz and Rebecca Yuhasz Smith Hemlock Lane, in memory of Richard and Nancy Frey, Lazy F. *English Springer Spaniel* - Dorothy Cherry Field Spaniel - Available Flat Coated Retriever - Available German Shorthair Pointer - Available German Wirehaired Pointer - Available *Golden Retriever* - Karen Fennikoh, Amberglo Goldens Gordon Setter - Available Irish Red and White Setter - Available Irish Setter - Ken and Debbie Davis in memory of Katherine and Frank Wheatley, Rockherin Kennels *Irish Water Spaniel* - Irish Water Spaniel Club of America Labrador Retriever - Available Lagotto Romagnolo* - James M. Talbert Nederlandse Kooikerhondje - Available Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Dawn and Bob Eisele Pointer - Available Spinone Italiano - Spinone Club of America Sussex Spaniel - Daniel Sayers Vizsla - Available Weimaraner - Available Welsh Springer Spaniel - Sandra and Richard Rohrbacher, Rysan Welsh Springers Wirehaired Pointing Griffon - Available Wirehaired Vizsla - Available Hound Group Afghan Hound - Available Azawakh - Francesca Zampini, Azamour American English Coonhound - Available American Foxhound - Available Basenji - Available Basset Hound - Available Beagle, 13 Inch - Available Beagle, 15 Inch - Available Black and Tan Coonhound - Available Bloodhound - Timothy and Deirdre Rahn, Sanctuary Bloodhounds reg. *Borzoi* - Drs. John Reeve-Newson and Richard Meen, “Kishniga” *Blue Tick Coonhound* - Charles (Chuck) E. Woods and Dr. Gerry Zippin Cirneco dell'Etna - Available *Dachshund, Longhaired - Pramada Koradox Dachshund, Wirehaired - Available Dachshund, Smooth - Available English Foxhound - Available Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen - Available * Greyhound - Sue Lackey, Talos* *Harrier* - Thomas and Lani Powers Ibizan Hound - Available *Irish Wolfhound* - Thomas and Lani Powers Norwegian Elkhound - Available Otterhound -Gillian Foley, in honor of George Francis Foley Petit Basset Griffin Vendeen - Available *Pharaoh Hound* - Dr. Steven E. Sipperly and Dominic Carota Plott - Available Podengo Pequeno - Available Redbone Coonhound - Available Rhodesian Ridgeback - Denise Flaim Saluki - Available *Scottish Deerhound* - Gail Bontecou Sloughi – Available Treeing Walker Coonhound - Available Whippet - Judy Descutner, Hickory Tavern Farm Working Group *Akita* - Chris and Cheryl Tice Koenitz for Koti Kids of Koti Bear Kennels Alaskan Malamute - Available Anatolian Shephard Dog - Available Bernese Mountain Dog - Available *Black Russian Terrier* - Mary and Barry Curtis Boeroel - Available *Boxer* - Joseph E., Mamie R. and Evelyn R. Gregory Bullmastiff - Available Cane Corso - Available Chinook - Available *Doberman Pincher* - Drew Martin and Chris Kelly Dogo Argentino - Available Dogue de Bordeaux - Available German Pinscher - Available *Giant Schnauzer*- Robin and Ken Greenslade, Kenro Giant Schnauzers Great Dane - James and Michelle Conroy, Caeruleus Great Pyrenees - Available Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - Available Komondor - Available Kuvasz - David and Maria Mains Leonberger - Available Mastiff - Denise Flaim in Fond Memory of Dr. William Newman Neapolitan Mastiff - Available *Newfoundland* - Pouch Cove Newfoundlands and Portuguese Water Dogs *Portuguese Water Dog* - Pouch Cove Newfoundlands and Portuguese Water Dogs Rottweiler - Available *Saint Bernard * - Wayne Ferguson Samoyed - Available *Siberian Husky* - The Kanzlers, Innisfree Standard Schnauzer – Available Tibetan Mastiff - Available Terrier Group Airedale - Available American Hairless Terrier - Available American Staffordshire Terrier - Sue Lackey, Talos Australian Terrier - Available Bedlington Terrier – Available *Border Terrier* - Dundeen Seeman Gallipeau In Memory of Kate Jennings Seeman Bull Terrier, White - Available Bull Terrier, Colored - Available *Cairn Terrier* - Karen and David Eisenberg *Cesky Terrier* - Loren Marino Dandie Dinmont Terrier – Joseph Metheney-Mills and Bill Gorodner *Fox Terrier (Wire)* - Torie Steele Fox Terrier (Smooth) - Jan Ritchie Gladstone Glen of Imal - Available Irish Terrier - Eduardo Fugiwara and Sean Mansfield Kerry Blue Terrier - Available Lakeland Terrier - Available Manchester Terrier (Standard) – Available Miniature Bull Terrier - Available Miniature Schnauzer - Dr. Angel and Lisa Iscovich *Norfolk Terrier* - Barbara Miller Norwich Terriers - Available *Parson Russell* - In memory of Elspeth and Phillip Pavlic, Askari Kennels Rat Terrier – Available *Russell Terrier* - Candice Lundin, DVM and Frank Zureick, DBF Russell Terriers Scottish Terrier - Available Sealyham Terrier - Patrice Andrews *Skye Terrier* - James and Cynthia Stebbins In Memory of Walter F. Goodman Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier – Available Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Available *Welsh Terrier* – Mary Duafala, Abbeyrose Foundation West Highland White Terrier – Available Toy Group Affenpinschers – David and Pam Peat Biewer Terrier – Wingsong Biewr Terriers *Brussels Griffon* – Ruth Pereira Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Dr. & Mrs. John V. Ioia Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) – Available Chihuahua (Long Coat) – Available Chinese Crested – Available English Toy Spaniel (Blenheim & Prince Charles) – Doug Johnson and Jamie Hubbard, Clussexx Kennel English Toy Spaniel (King Charles & Ruby) – Doug Johnson and Jamie Hubbard, Clussexx Kennel *Havanese* – Scott C. Tomassi Italian Greyhound – Available Japanese Chin – Tyler and Joseph Metheney-Mills and Bill Gorodner *Maltese* – Joseph E., Mamie R. and Evelyn R. Gregory Miniature Pinscher - Available *Papillon* – Nancy Shaw Pekingese – Available Pomeranian – Available Poodle (Toy) – Johnny Shoemaker *Pug* – Carolyn Koch Russian Toy Dog (eligible to compete on 12/29/21) – Available Shih Tzu – Dr. & Mrs. John V. Ioia Silky Terrier – Doreen and Lorien Weintraub, Dorien Silky Terriers Toy Fox Terrier – Available Toy Manchester Terrier – Available Yorkshire Terrier - Available Non-Sporting Group American Eskimo Dog - Available Bichon Frises - Available Boston Terriers - Thomas & Margaret Noble *Bulldogs* - Julian and Dorothy Prager *Chinese Shar-Pei* - Jean Durdin Chow Chow - Available *Coton de Tulear* - Patricia and Jack Enright Dalmatian - Libertad De Montjuic, Teresa A. Vilá and Ahuilaca Xoloitzcuintli, Teresa M. Vilá & Kevin Crosby Finnish Spitz - Available *French Bulldog* - Suzanne and Richard Readmond Keeshond - Don and Cathy Bosnic in memory of Kylie, Am./Can. Ch. Kameo's Nor'Easter NA, NAJ, HOF, ROM Lhasa Apso - Wesley and Michelle Lewis *Lowchen* - Jennie Chen Norwegian Lundehund - Available *Poodle (Miniature)* - Peter D. Laventhall-Wolfish and Phyllis Wolfish Poodle (Standard) - Johnny Shoemaker Schipperkes - Dawn and Bob Eisele *Shiba Inu*- The Kanzlers, Innisfree Tibetan Spaniel - Available Tibetan Terrier - Available Xoloitzcuintli - Richard Yenchesky, Del Rey Xoloitzcuintli Herding Group Australian Cattle Dog - Available Australian Shepherd - Available Bearded Collie - Nancy Hagood Klein, House of Gunn Beauceron - Available Belgian Laekenois – Available Belgian Malinois - Dedicated to BISS GCHS Goliath Du Domaine De Vauroux BCAT CGC ACGC Belgian Sheepdog - Available Belgian Tervuren - Available Bergamasco - Available Berger Picard - Available Border Collie - Available Bouviers des Flandres - Available *Briard*- Karen Aznavoorian and Noma Smith Canaan Dog - Pamela Stacey Rosman and Philip Richard Vulliet. In loving memory of MBIS MNBISS Silver Grand Champion Champion Pleasant Hill Magnum of Samara, HC Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Sharon Fremer Collie, Rough - Available *Collie, Smooth* - Mary and Barry Curtis In Memory of Louise K. Russell Entlebucher Mountain Dog - Available Finnish Lapphund - Available German Shepherd Dog - Available Icelandic Sheepdog - Available *Old English Sheepdog* - David and Sheila Kenyon Miniature American Shepherd - Available Mudi (eligible to compete on 12/29/21) - Available *Norwegian Buhund* - In honor of MBIS/Can.GrChEx Kyon’s Freidige Siv HIC/CGN ("Siv"), North America’s FIRST All-Breed Best in Show-winning Norwegian Buhund Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Available Polish Lowland Sheepdog - Available Puli - Susi Szeremy and National Purebred Dog Day Pumi - Available Pyrenean Shepherd - Available Shetland Sheepdog - Available Spanish Water Dog - Available Swedish Vallhund - Available Miscellaneous Danish-Swedish Farmdog - Available Dutch Shepherd - Available Lancashire Heeler – Available Norrbottenspets - Available Peruvian Inca Orchid – Available Portuguese Podengo - Available Small Musterlander - Available Teddy Roosevelt Terrier - Available

When you give a Breed or Group trophy, you can donate for 2025 only, OR you can give a “Lifetime” BOB (or Group) trophy. A Lifetime trophy ensures your sponsorship of that breed or Group placement for your lifetime and one show following. If you have questions about availability, please contact Trophy Chair Debbie Davis at









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